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Real Estate

This prestigious award is given to those who demonstrate a commitment to excellence and demonstrate success in the luxury real estate lifestyle. The World Life Style Awards recognize excellence in the field of Luxury Real Estate. The awards provide a prodigious platform to accredit the efforts of those who strive to offer the highest standards of service and distinguish themselves in the luxury real estate sector.

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The awards honor the outstanding craftsmanship and design of luxury automobiles and reward those that embody the utmost in high-end luxury. The World Life Style Awards recognize excellence in the highest quality of Luxury automobiles and acknowledge vehicles that exemplify the pinnacle of style and sophistication. The Luxury Automobiles Awards signify the pinnacle of excellence in the world of high-end automobiles and stand as a testament to the remarkable achievements of the best in the industry.

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Hotels & Resorts

From elegant amenities to exquisite service, the Awards highlight the best of the best for savvy travelers seeking a luxurious experience. The exclusive World Lifestyle Awards recognize the finest in upscale hotels and resorts that exemplify an exceptional lifestyle. With a professional tone, acclaimed and highly sought after. Offering an exclusive and luxurious experience, these awards recognize and reward the very best in the hospitality industry.

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This prestigious award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of beauty professionals and experts in the field. The world Lifestyle Beauty Awards is an event that recognizes the finest in luxurious beauty products and services. Professional and experienced judges carefully evaluate the entries and pick the ones that exemplify excellence in the industry.

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Join us in recognizing these remarkable fashion pioneers and be a part of this global event and join us for a night of sophistication, glamor, and style.

The World Lifestyle Awards - celebrating the finest in high-end fashion and lifestyle - are here! To honor the best of the best in today's luxury industry.

The world is turning its eyes to the luxurious Event Fashion Lifestyle Awards, a celebration of the finest fashion creations from around the globe.

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We look forward to honoring the outstanding performance of the top saloons and their makers, and to showcasing the latest innovations in the sector. This year, The World Life-style Awards event is proud to recognize excellence in the industry. Our professional team is committed to providing an exceptional experience that exemplifies the best of the luxury saloon lifestyle.

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We are pleased to announce that the World Life Style Awards for Luxury Spas has been established to recognize excellence in the spa lifestyle sector. This prestigious award is intended to honor those that are making a lasting contribution to the luxury spa lifestyle and to promote the highest standards of excellence in the industry. We are confident that this award will be a valuable reflection of professional excellence in the spa lifestyle industry.

Our World Life Style Awards program celebrates the commitment, innovation, and creativity of spa and wellness professionals worldwide.

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This esteemed event celebrates the highest standards of quality, service, and sophistication in the luxury cruising industry. We are gratified to announce the World Lifestyle Awards in the field of Luxury Yacht/Cruising. We invite all those involved in the luxury Yacht /Cruise industry who strive for excellence and provide unparalleled service to join us in honoring the leading cruise lines, crew members, and destinations that make this lifestyle possible.

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The World Lifestyle Awards are the premier accolade for those who seek to indulge in the most exquisite and sophisticated jewelry items. From exquisite design to outstanding craftsmanship, this award recognizes the best of the best in the luxury jewelry world.

With these awards, we recognize those individuals with an eye for the finer things in life and a passion for exquisite jewelry pieces. We celebrate their indulgence in the highest quality diamonds, gems, and metals, as well as their unique style and passion for luxury jewelry.

Celebrate the best in the world of jewelry with your peers and be recognized for your superior craftsmanship and design. Join us in honoring the best of the best.

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Winner Benefit's

Advantages of winning the title wherein winner announcements are done through a variety of advertising mediums to help our winner's brand reach new heights and be taken to the next level.

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PR Submissions to various Spa & Wellness PR

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Winner Package

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Branding at Winner Area

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Publish in Facebook

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Publish in Linkedin

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Email to 50,000+ Spa & Saloon professionals around the world

Award Stages and Procedure



The nominations at World Lifestyle Awards are self-basis. You or Your PR / Representative company can nominate your company or individual for the award program.
We do not encourage 3rd parties to nominate your company.


First Jury Review

Our first-level Jury Team verifies the eligibility as per our Standards.
The approved nominees move to the voting stage.



During the voting period, every nominee can collect votes from their clients and industry partners. Please refer to the voting guide & FAQ for more details.


Final Jury Review

Our Final level Jury team evaluates each winning element for the company, analyzes their voting’s & etc..


Winner Announcement

The winners will be announced based on the final Jury Evaluation and Voting. The Winners will be highlighted on the award portal.


Order Winner Package

The Winners can purchase the winner package which includes Trophy, Plaques, Digital certificates, and Rights to use the award name and Logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under Free complimentary Nomination, you can Participate in any one of the award program PER YEAR
  1. International Travel Awards
  2. International GM Awards
  3. International Dining Awards
  4. International Spa & Beauty Awards
  5. World Salon Awards
  6. World LifeStyle Awards
  7. World Real Estate Excellence Awards
  8. Arabian Best of Best Awards
  9. Asia Best of Best Awards
  10. Europe Best of Best Awards
  11. America Best of Best Awards
  12. Oceania Best of Best Awards
  13. International Technology Awards
  14. Global Tourism Award
  15. World CEO Awards
  16. World GM Awards
  17. Golden Employer Awards

The Complimentary Nomination plan allows you to nominate any one Individual or Company for free of cost only under City-level competition.

Note : You are obliged to order any one of the Winner package if you become a winner under the complimentary nomination plan.

We offer 1 Complimentary nomination to participate at World Life Style Awards only under City-level competition.

If you are interested to nominate in multiple categories or multiple award program or country, regional level competition then you can upgrade your account to premium nomination plan.

Please have a look at the premium nomination plan inclusions and benefits at https://worldlifestyleawards.com/fee-cost-involved
All Life style related products and services such as Luxury Hotels, Luxury Cars, Beauty Salons, Beauty Products, Watches, Fashion, Boutiques, Luxury Fine Dining, Yachts, Cruises, Airlines, Private Jets, Holiday Makers, Wedding Planners, Luxury Real Estate, Interior Decors, Luxury Furniture and much more....,

There are 3 level of categories when you nominate for the World Life style Awards.
  • City Level  
  • Country Level 
  • Regional or Continent Level  
If you opt for a Complimentary Nomination plan then you are eligible to participate only in City Level competition.
please have a look at the premium nomination plan inclusions and Benefits https://worldlifestyleawards.com/fee-cost-involved

If you wish to nominate your company individuals such as General Manager, PR Director / PR Team / Marketing Team / Manager / Chef / Spa Director or Any other then you are required to upgrade your nomination to the premium nomination package.

Please refer the free & premium nominees package pricing and inclusions at https://worldlifestyleawards.com/wp-kit
There are 3 levels category when you nominate for the World Life style awards.

Free Plan : You can nominate in 1 category.

Premium Plan : You can nominate in 3 categories for each Award.

Please have a look at the premium nomination plat inclusions and benefits at https://worldlifestyleawards.com/fee-cost-involved

You can change the category before the voting starts. Once our First Level Jury approves your nomination for voting, You cannot change award nomination category.

The company size does not matter  !!!!
The awards are NOT only for Fortune 500!! We want to encourage and recognize each and every deserving company in the Luxury Life Style industry.
We consider the Product Offering, Customer Reviews & various details during our Jury Evaluation. 
Yes. You can apply for more than one award under the premium nomination plan on (same login) account.

IMPORTANT :  You don't have to create a separate account for each nomination. You can manage all the nominations under one account.

You are required to upgrade your account to premium plan to nominate in Multiple Awards or Multiple Nominations
Please refer the premium nomination inclusions and benefits at https://worldlifestyleawards.com/wp-kit

Nominations for Year 2023 is Open Now

Take part in the World Lifestyle Awards and make sure your voice is heard! Nominate now and join the ranks of the world's best in lifestyle and lifestyle-related products, services, and experiences. Professionalism is key, so make sure your nomination reflects this!

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